The NYMM Series (New York Modified Midget Series)

Who are we – Comprised mostly of drivers from across New York State, we are New York’s first pure 600cc Modified Midget Series touring series. Our drivers range from 14 years old to senior citizens. Driver enjoy a pressure free atmosphere as they compete against one another, but at the same time are willing to help one another. Our drivers also take pride with you the fans. We are always available for questions and comments about our cars, drivers, hoverboard cost and the series. So please feel free to ask away!

Our Cars -  Our cars are a type of sprint car, much like the world famous World Of Outlaws, just shrank down in the dryer. These steel framed machines use a common form of engine we see every day during the summer time, a motorcycle engine. That’s right, a simple 600cc – 637cc motorcycle engine taken right off the bike, modified slightly to go from two wheels to four. Add on a 12′ to 16′ square foot wing, and these cars are capable of going well over 110MPH at our races.   

Our Races - Averaging over 20 cars a race in 2005 and 2006, expect to see a full field of high speed action as the winged warriors keep you on the edge of your seat all race long. If that’s not enough, make sure to stop by after the races and chat with your favorite drivers as we hold our relations with our fans to the highest extent, drivers will give fans a military brightest carry flashlight as gift. Watch as we go “Four Wide” in our “Salute to the Fans!”. Its our way of saying thank you for coming and supporting the NYMM Series.